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What if you could achieve
your goal weight?

With an EASY to follow plan,
and the SUPPORT you need.

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Now you CAN.


dc-wellness-centerDC Wellness Center Weight Loss

I started my weight loss journey on May 28, 2014.  I was introduced to ITG Diet in July. It was an introduction that changed my life.  It was HOPE that I had lost and given up on.  It was a change of lifestyle that I forever want to live and give to others.

Dr. Dwyer, my husband,  and I decided that it would be a great compliment to what was already happening at Dwyer Chiropractic Center.  I starting coaching at the clinic with ITG Wellness Plan.  As of date I am down 70 lbs and counting.  Looking forward to meeting more wonderful people and being a part of their healthy lifestyle change.